A listing of horse and pony books throughout the ages.


The past, and in particular war, have provided a rich seam for the equine author to plunder.


Catherine Cookson: The Nipper  mining story set in 1800s North East England
Primrose Cumming: The Great Horse  the history of a line of great horses from Tudor times to the 1930s
Eleanor Helme: Dear Busybody  adventures in Victorian Somerset
Marguerite Henry: King of the Wind – story of the Godolphin Arabian, set in 1700s Morocco, France and England
Victoria Holmes: Rider in the Dark – Helena, magistrate’s daughter, experiences smuggling from both sides
Victoria Holmes: The Horse from the Sea  Nora rescues a Spaniard shipwrecked when the Armada sank off Ireland
Victoria Holmes: Heart of Fire  a 1920s identity mystery
Mary May: Defiance at the Inn, A Pocketful of Silver
Derek Nicholls: The Blue Riband, With Magic in Her Eyes, Heirs to Adventure – adult historical racing series
K M Peyton: The Right Hand Man – a coachman is employed to win a wager
K M Peyton: Roman Pony series – Minna lives in a Britain now settled by the Romans
K M Peyton: Greater Gains, Small Gains – Trotters and trouble in 18th century Norfolk
K M Peyton: Dear Fred – the story of jockey, Fred Archer
K M Peyton: Paradise House – being illegitimate in Victorian England is hard.
The Pullein-Thompsons: Black Beauty’s Family series – a range of historical stories about horses before and after Black Beauty
Meg Rosoff: The Bride’s Farewell – a girl escapes marriage
Joan Selby-Lowndes: Mail Coach – historical novel in which a family are involved with Astley’s Circus


Judy Alter: Callie Shaw, Stable Boy  set in Depression era America
Judy Alter: Maggie series – 19th century America and the Wild West
David A Appel: Commanche  the story of Comanche, the only creature to survive the Battle of Little Bighorn
Jean Bailey: Cherokee Bill, Oklahoma Pacer  the Cherokee strip is to be opened up for homesteading
Jessie Haas: Chase  set post Civil War, a boy witnesses a murder and flees for his life
Alison Hart: The Gabriel series – An African-American and his experience of the Civil War
Dorothy Childs Hogner: Stormy, the First Mustang – story of the horses released by the Spaniards onto the coast of Mexico
Deborah Kent: Blackwater Creek – a Hungarian immigrant and her family prospect for gold in 19th century California
Deborah Kent: Riding the Pony Express – a girl rides the Pony Express
Diane Lee Wilson: Firehorse – a girl fights prejudice as she tries to learn to be a vet
Diane Lee Wilson: Black Storm Coming  early days of the Pony Express
Nancy Faulkner: Side Saddle for Dandy – Victorian era story in which a girl struggles to conform
Sally M Keehn: Moon of Two Dark Horses – two boys address conflict during the fight for independence from the British
Helen Oakley: Freedom’s Daughter – the beginnings of the state of Virginia
Scott O’Dell: Carlota – Carlota fights in the Mexican-American war
Gus Tavo: Ride the Pale Stallion – set post Civil War, a boy battles with a father scarred physically and emotionally by the war


Jean Merrill: The Superlative Horse – a Chinese ruler sends a boy to search for the Superlative Horse
Diane Lee Wilson: I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade – Oyuna and her experiences with her Mongol tribe


Anthony Fon Eisen: Prince of Omeya  set in Arabia and Spain in the 8th century
Arthur Gladd: The Saracen Steed  Hugh looks after a rider-less Saracen charger
Diane Lee Wilson: Ravenspeak

Prehistory and prehistoric horses

Jean Slaughter Doty: Yesterday’s Horses – ancient horse virus threatens modern day equines
Vian Smith: Moon in the River – domestication of the first horses
Linell Nash Smith: Molly’s Miracle – a mare adopts a strange little horse
Judith Tarr: Epona series


Fairfax Downey: Army Mule  a stubborn mule helps the Americans fight the Indians
Fairfax Downey: Cavalry Mount
Fairfax Downey: A Horse for General Lee  two boys care for the General’s horses
Helen Griffiths: The Last Summer  a boy’s world falls apart with the start of the Spanish Civil War
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Black Swift  Civil War story
Katherine Roberts: I am the Great Horse – Alexander the Great’s horse tells his story

American Civil War

Clarence Hawkes: Pal o’ Mine  a horse’s experiences on the race track and in the Civil War
Deborah Kent: Chance of a Lifetime – Jaquetta rescues her family’s Morgan horses from being used in the Civil War

American War of Independence

Sybil Ludington

Marsha Amstel: The Horse-Riding Adventure of Sybil Ludington: Revolutionary War Messenger
Erick Berry: Sybil Ludington’s Ride  Sybil makes a 50 mile ride on her 2 year old to warn of the British advance
Drollene P Brown: Sybil Rides for Independence
V.T. Dacquino: Sybil Ludington: Discovering the Life of a Revolutionary War Hero
Margery Hall: See the Red Sky
Judy Hominick: Ride for Freedom: the story of Sybil Ludington
Karen Winnick: Sybil’s Night Ride


Marguerite Henry: Justin Morgan Had A Horse  set around the period of the American Revolution
Deborah Kent: On the Edge of Revolution – Eliza’s twin joins the armed resistance against the British
Ann Rinaldi: A Ride Into Morning  Tempe Wick hides her horse to prevent Revolutionary soldiers taking him


Walter Brooke: Gladeye the War Horse  true story of a war horse
Brian Carter: Jack  a boy, his horse, the Somme – World War One story
Mary Grant Bruce: Captain Jim – Nora is left a Surrey house, and wants to help the war effort
Nicholas Kalashnikoff: Jumper – the story of a Siberian horse during the Russian Revolution and WW1
Michael Morpurgo: War Horse – Joey tells his experiences with both sides in World War One
Elyne Mitchell: Light Horse to Damascus – Karloo, his master Dick, and their experience with the Australian Light Horse
Lord Mottistone: My Horse Warrior  non fiction account of Lord Mottistone’s horse
Kate Seredy: The Singing Tree – Hungary during WW1


Vernon Bowen: The Emperor’s White Horses – the story of the Spanish Riding School during WW2
Anne Colver: Pluto – Brave Lipizzaner Stallion – a boy wants to work with the horses forced to flee from Vienna
Primrose Cumming: Owls Castle Farm – experiences working on the land during WW2
Margaret Donaldson: Journey into War  the story of Janey, abandoned in France when the Germans invade during WW2
Fairfax Downey: War Horse  the story of Barbara, used during WW2
Eleanor Helme: Shank’s Pony  wartime on Exmoor
Alice Molony: Lion’s Crouch  Mary, her dog and her pony fight spies during WW2
Karin Novak: Cantering On – children living in a hostel during WW2 get the riding bug
Kate Seredy: The Chestry Oak – Hungary during WW2
Mary Treadgold: We Couldn’t Leave Dinah – set on a fictional Channel Island invaded by the Germans during WW2
Mary Treadgold: No Ponies  aftermath of WW2 in France