High Honours

Bottom Drawis an international show jumper, and High Honours  tells her story from her point of view.

Publishing history
Witherby, London, 1948, 154 pp, illus Lionel Edwards 154 pp.

This is the story of an international show jumper, Bottom Draw. Told from her point of view, it tells her story from her birth in Ireland. She is bought by the British Army, and eventually ends up in Weedon, where she catches the eye of a Major Davidson. He realises the horse has the potential to succeed as a show jumper, and a show jumper is what she becomes, and part of the British Team. With the outbreak of war, Major Davidson goes off to war, and Bottom Draw is sold. Initially she is a happy hacker, but then the family start to jump her. She is reunited with Major Davidson, whose wife rides the mare to glory again.














Pamela Macgregor-Morris