Hazel M Peel: Night Storm the Flat-racer

Ann and Jim have bred a wonderful black colt who looks as if he could be a Classic winner. But nothing is straightforward: Night Storm has a furious temper and is difficult to ride. There are questions about whether he’ll ever get as far as a racecourse, let alone race. And once he does race, there are people around who want to stop Night Storm in his tracks.

Part of the 1960s Leysham Stud series, where a couple fight to establish a prize-winning stud.

Originally published: 1966

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I read this some years ago and then liked it the least of the Leysham Stud series. However having read it now as an adult I like it much more. The characters are interesting (perhaps a little stereotypical?) and the horses are fabulous.The plot works and is well paced. There’s also a lot of information given throughout. Overall I liked this book much better this time around. (Dawn)

Available in eBook and paperback

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Publishing history
Harrap, London, 1966, 176 pp, illus Clyde Pearson

Night Storm is Easter’s foal, now recovered from his ill treatment while he was stolen. Night Storm is sent for training to Henry Matthew’s training stables, which have just opened up near the Leysham Stud. If Night Storm is a winner, he will be kept by the Stud as a stallion, but his temperament makes him difficult to race, and then before the St Leger, for which the colt is entered, there is a plot to dope him.

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Author: Hazel M Peel