Publishing history
Country Life, 1937, illus Barbara Turner
Reprinted 1941, 1942

A collection of three stories:

Golden Knight:  the story of a horse who grows up to hunt with the Pytchley. He is sold, trained to race, enters the Grand National, and does rather well …
Freedom: an Exmoor/Thoroughbred cross is born on the moor. Mr Mitchell and Barbara manage to buy the white colt at the sale. Swift manages to help rescue his mother, and after Swift is outgrown, Barbara sets him and his mother free.
The Whitlock Family: The Whitlock family inherit money from a long lost brother. They buy ponies, and train them for the Brockenhurst Show. Jack deceives his father to show him that the horse, Traveller’s Joy, was worth the money they paid, but it all works out well in the end.









Herminoe Ratliffe