Gay Darius

Darius has a lot of potential, as long as Ann and Jim can overcome his insatiable curiousity.

Publishing history
Harrap, London, 1968, illus Robert Hodgson, 175 pp.
eBook: Jane Badger Books, 2019

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Gay Darius is a welcome addition to Ann and Jim Henderson’s stock at the Leysham Stud Farm, but beautiful though the palomino is, he creates problems. He’s a star gazer, which doesn’t meld particularly well with Ann’s desire to train the horse for dressage. And in addition to the equine problems, O’Hara, father of their groom, has now escaped from prison, and is intent on revenge on the person who put him there: Ann.

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Gay Darius

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Hazel M Peel

H M Peel