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Jina is thrilled to bring her roommates back with her to go hunting, but not all her roommates view hunting in quite the same way that she does.

The blurb:
Jina’s thrilled to be bringing her roommates home with her for Thanksgiving break – and for the a
nnual Middlefield Foxhunt. She and Andie can’t wait to ride to hounds, but Mary Beth is horrified: what about the poor fox? She and Lauren launch a full-scale protest against fox hunting – and soon it’s an all-out war at Middlefield.

Publishing history
Random House, New York, 1995, 124 pp.

Finding the book

The Riding Academy Series
A Horse for Mary Beth
Andie out of Control
Jina Rides to Win
Lessons for Lauren
Mary Beth’s Haunted Ride
Andie Shows Off
Jina’s Pain-in-the-Neck Pony
The Craziest Horse Show Ever
Andie’s Risky Business
Trouble at Foxhall
Lauren Rides to the Rescue
Haunted Horseback Holiday (Special)


Author: Alison Hart

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Riding Academy