For Love of a Horse

The first Jinny story, in which Jinny sees Shantih, and spends a desperate winter trying to catch the mare after she escapes from the circus that owned her.

The first of the Jinny series: Jinny’s family are moving to Finmory in Scotland, away from urban Stopton.  Jinny sees an Arab mare being terribly mistreated in a circus. The horse escapes onto the moors, and Jinny tries, and tries to catch her.  At last, in a bitter winter which has nearly killed the horse, she succeeds.

Publishing history
Armada Original, 1976, 125 pp.
Armada White Horseshoe edition, 1984
Armada Gold Horseshoe edition, 1992, 1993
Severn House, 1979, hardback with dustjacket
Compilation: (with For Love of a Horse & Summer Riders) Armada, 1992
Catnip, London, 2010, 210 pp.

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For Love of a Horse
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Ride Like The Wind
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Year published

London, 1974


Leitch, Patricia