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Florian, an Emperor’s Horse

Florian is a Lipizzaner stallion, and this is his story.

Publishing history
Florian, Das Pferd des Kaisers, Paul Zsolnay, Berlin, 1933
Fischer Bucherei, Frankfurt, 1958
As: Florian, an Emperor’s Horse, trans Normal Gullick, Jonathan Cape, London, 1934
As: Florian, the Emperor’s Stallion, trans Erich Posselt and Michel Kraike, Bobbs Merrill, New York, 1934
Florian, the Lipizzaner, J A Allen, 1963

Florian is a Lipizzaner stallion. His life starts as a pampered foal, and he eventually becomes an emperor’s horse. With the death of the Emperor, Francis Joseph, life changes for Florian. The new Emperor does not use carriage horses, only cars or trains, so all the horses of the Imperial Stables are put up for auction. Florian becomes a cab horse, and as the use of the car spreads ever onwards, he is of less and less use.







Felix Salten