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First Pony

Sandy moves to the country: at last, she thinks, she can have a pony of her own. Sandy rejects all the sensible ponies she’s offered, and settles on one who well and truly needs to be rescued.

Sandy moves to the country, and, oh joy, the new house has a paddock, a stable, and even some jumps:  now Sandy can fulfil her dream of having a pony. However, the expensive ponies she sees just don’t seem right, and then she meets Karen, who tells her about Tarka, skin and bone after a cold winter out.  Sandy buys Tarka, but then there is a struggle before she is fit.

Publishing history
Under the name Janet Eliot, Collins Spitfire, pb, 1967
Collins Pony Library, London, 1973

Other editions


Year published

London, 1973


Anne Linton


Leitch, Patricia


Collins Spitfire