A listing of horse and pony books where filming or theatre form part of the plot.



Caroline Akrill: Make Me a Star, Stars Don’t Cry, Catch a Falling Star – an aspiring actress has to learn to ride
Gillian Baxter: Tan and Tarmac  a London riding school gets involved in filming
Gillian Baxter: Stables at Hampton
Judith M Berrisford: Trouble at Ponyways
Primrose Cumming: The Chestnut Filly – Randall trains his filly for film work
Wendy Douthwaite: Polly on Location – Polly is used in a film
Monica Edwards: The Summer of the Great Secret – the Romney Marsh people do a pageant and are used in a film too
Alice B Emerson: Ruth Fielding at Silver Ranch – Ruth is writing a scenario for a film shot at a mining camp
Dick Francis: Smokescreen  actor Edward Lincoln comes across skullduggery in the South African racing fraternity
Eileen Hill: The Mystery of the Blue Pelican – Robin and her friends are appearing as extras in a film
Patricia Leitch: Chestnut Gold – Jinny, Shantih and the trekkers become involved in a film
Emma Raven: Twilight series – stunt riding and ghosts!
Pat Smythe: A Spanish Adventure – Carol and Peter become involved with a film when they’re in Spain
 K M Peyton: Swallow the Star – Swallow stars in a film about the jockey Fred Archer
Carol Vaughan: Two Foals for Matilda  Matilda the Percheron becomes a film star


Judith M Berrisford: Sue’s TV Pony – Sue’s pony gets to appear on TV
Patience McElwee: The Merrythoughts – the Merrythought children are very reluctant TV stars
Olive Norton: Bob-a-Job Pony – in which a girl tries to raise money for a pony through winning a TV competition


Gillian Baxter: Pantomime Ponies series – two ponies are used in theatres
Joan Selby-Lowndes: Mail Coach – historical novel in which a family are involved with Astley’s Circus
Joan Selby-Lowndes: Family Star – the family pony becomes a star in a pantomime