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A listing of horse and pony books that cover eventing.


Eventing burst upon the country in the 1950s, and has proved a fruitful source of horse and pony book plots ever since. It has variety; with the three different elements; dressage, cross country and show jumping, and plenty of excitement and danger.

Caroline Akrill: Eventer’s Dream Series – Elaine is set on eventing professionally, but has a long way to go
Samantha Alexander: Riders series  Alex Johnson’s great ambition is to event
Libby Anderson: A New Horse for Marny – Libby rides a horse previously condemned as dangerous to success
Gillian Baxter: The Perfect Horse – Ellen’s horse Minos never puts a foot wrong
Gillian Baxter: Bargain Horses  Gemma has to ride the terrifying succession of horses her bargain-hunting mother buys
Maggie Dana: No Time for Secrets/Keeping Secrets  Kerry has to overcome her guilt to ride in a one day event
Shirley Faulkner-Horne: Look Before You Leap – Jennifer Cherrington wants to train her horse to event
Dick Francis: Trial Run – Olympic eventing hope threatened by blackmail (eventing content minimal!)
Bryan Forbes: International Velvet – Velvet Brown’s niece wants to ride in the Olympic Three Day Event
Jerri Kroll: the Blues series – American girl moves to Australia and becomes hooked on eventing
Patricia Leitch: Cross Country Pony – Harold the pony is brilliant at cross country but otherwise lethal
Dorothy Lyons: Smoke Rings  Ginny sees an Olympic prospect in the runaway horse she rescues
Toy Martin: Odd Bods  Australian story in which a boy loses his confidence eventing
Barbara May: Five Circles – fictionalised true story of Canadian Olympic eventer, Cilroy
H M Peel: Gay Darius  Gay Darius is trained for dressage and eventing
K M Peyton: The Team – Ruth gets on the Pony Club Team for the One Day Event
Diana Pullein-Thompson: Janet Must Ride  girl groom Janet gets the opportunity to event her employer’s horse
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: One Day Event  the Pony Club puts on a One Day Event
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: Pony Club Cup – team eventing contest
Chris St John: Blue Ribbons series – girls and eventing
Lyndon Stacey: Deadfall – adult mystery set in the eventing world
Fiona Walker: Well Groomed, Kiss & Tell  adult stories set in the eventing world
Joan Weir: Storm Rider/Three-Day Challenge – Janey has one chance at a place on the national team
Zita White: One Day Event – an Australian story of an outback team competing against private school teams
Elizabeth Wynne: Pony Quest  a girl events a riding school pony
John Richard Young: Olympic Horseman – Don trains his horses for eventing