Caroline Akrill: Eventer’s Dream

I planned to find myself a sponsor in the shape of a sympathetic employer …

Elaine is determined to make it on her own as an eventer. A wildly eccentric family whose relationship with equine welfare is sketchy, whose house and stables are about to fall down, and who have no financial sense whatsoever is not part of the plan. No one could possibly, not even in a dream, think that this would be the best way to start off an eventing career.

Could they?

This is a reprint of the 1980s original, when hunting was legal.

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Elaine is determined to compete in three day events after she finishes her training. However, she ends up in the Fane sisters’ livery yard, and although she is at first appalled, and determined to leave, the Fane sisters have a strange attraction. They, and Harry Sabin’s bay gelding, and the lethal grey bolter, the Comet, all conspire to keep Elaine where she is.

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Publishing history
Jane Badger Books, paperback, 2022
Caroline Akrill, eBook, Amazon
Arlington, London, 1981, 167 pp
Granada, 1984, pb
Armada, pb, 1990

All three books in one:

Caroline Akrill’s Eventing Trilogy, Arlington, 1984
Eventers’ Trilogy, Granada (two editions, not pictured)
The Eventers Trilogy, Diamond 1994

The Eventers series
Eventer’s Dream
A Hoof in the Door
Ticket to Ride
Courses for Horses

Other editions


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Akrill, Caroline


Jane Badger Books


Eventing series