A listing of horse and pony books that cover endurance riding and long rides.


Endurance riding hasn’t (yet) made it as a major subject for horsy novels. Perhaps its time will come. There are however, some epically long rides in equine fiction (as well of course as classics of equine non fiction like Tschiffely’s Ride); rides generally undertaken for some purpose, rather than a trekking holiday.

Bonnie Bryant: Endurance Ride – a Saddle Club adventure
Mary Ellen Collura: Winners – Jordy returns to the Ask Creek reserve
Lynn Hall: Half the Battle – Loren and his blind brother enter an endurance ride
Hadley Irwin: Moon & Me – Moon helps EJ get her horse ready for a 100 mile endurance ride
Dorothy Lyons: Dark Sunshine – Blythe needs to learn to ride to strengthen her weak leg
Elizabeth van Steenwyk: Ride to Win – Nancy’s horse turns out to be best at endurance riding

Long Rides
Mary Elwyn Patchett: The Long Ride
Diana Pullein-Thompson: The Long Ride Home
Lucy Rees: Horse of Air