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A listing of horse and pony books that cover driving in some shape or form.

This section includes anything in which a horse pulls some sort of mode of transport: from horse-drawn caravans to harness racing. Driving has been something of a minority sport since the widespread adoption of the car, and although horses are, particularly in wartime and post-war novels, often trained to harness, this is only a means of getting the heroes and heroines from place to place rather than a major plot device. Monica Edwards’ Romney Marsh stories, for example, have Tamzin’s pony Cascade, and Rissa’s Siani both being used to pull traps.


Peter Clover: Sheltie the Hero – a weekend break in a horse-drawn caravan, but Toby the horse threatens the holiday
Monica Edwards: No Mistaking Corker – the Thornton family go on a caravanning holiday
Elinore Havers: The Great Pony Mystery – a caravan and ponies holiday
Kathleen Mackenzie: Vicky and the Pentires – a holiday in a caravan
Marjorie Mary Oliver: Ponies and Caravans: the children and the Fairfaxes travel by caravan to a Dartmoor pony sale
Jo Packer: Gymkhana Trek – children go on a tour of shows by caravan
E H Parsons: Quest for a Pony – a caravan adventure to search for a new pony
Christine Stewart and Julie Yager: Six Horses and a Caravan – Australian tour of horse shows by caravan


Gillian Baxter: Pantomime Ponies Series – performing ponies do driving
Hilda Boden: Little Grey Pony – a girl crippled in a accident is transformed through learning to drive
Irene Brady: Doodlebug (republished as A Horse Named Doodlebug)
Primrose Cumming: The Wednesday Pony – Jingo the pony spends most of his life as a delivery pony
Myrtle Green: Part Exchange Pony – Stephen’s parents take a pony in part-exchange for a car
June M Groves: The Milkman’s Cob – Happy is a milkman’s horse who comes good as a show jumper
Kathleen Mackenzie: Pony and Trap – Tamzin and John hire a pony and trap to explore the countryside
Mary May: Carol Lane Series – a girl learns independence through driving
Mary May: Defiance at the Inn – historical driving novel
K M Peyton: Right-Hand Man – Ned’s talents as a coachman are spotted
K M Peyton: Crab the Roan – Crab replaces the Duke’s driving pony, China, and turns out to be a horse in a million

Fire Horses

Hetty Burlingham Beatty: Blitz – Blitz is trained as a firehorse, but can no longer work after an accident
Diane Lee Wilson: Firehorse – a badly burned firehorse is rescued by a girl facing prejudice as she seeks to be a vet

Harness Racing and Trotting

Walter Farley: The Blood Bay Colt – Bonfire becomes a successful harness racer
Walter Farley: The Black Stallion’s Sulky Colt – Bonfire continues his racing career and aims for the Hambletonian
Marguerite Henry: Born to Trot – the story of fabled trainer, Benjamin Franklin White
John T Foster: The Gallant Gray Trotter – Lady Suffolk was a fabled 19th century trotter, and this is her story
Don Lang: Strawberry Roan – an old strawberry roan trotter has a second lease of life
Stephen W Meader: Red Horse Hill – Bud helps train the pacer, Cedar
Stephen W Meader: Cedar’s Boy – Shad hopes to drive Cedar’s Boy, Cedar’s grandson
Colonel S P Meek: Bellfarm Star – a story of taking part in the Hambletonian against immense odds
H M Peel: Dido and Rogue – Rogue is trained as a harness racer