A listing of horse and pony books that cover dressage.


Although dressage often features in horse novels, it is principally as part of a one day or three day event. Dressage as the sole sport in a book is still rare, despite dressage’s recent upsurge in popularity.

Caroline Akrill: Flying Changes – Oliver is obsessive, driven, and fatally flawed
Carolyn Banks: Death by Dressage series – a series of mysteries set in the dressage world
Gillian Baxter: The Stables at Hampton – Ginny moves from a horrible riding stable to a strict life in a dressage stable
Nancy Feldman: Collective Marks – early American essay into the dressage world
Sara Gruen: Flying Changes
Jessie Haas: Working Trot – James wants to work with horses, and do dressage
Marguerite Henry: The White Stallion of Lipizza – the story of Maestoso Borina
Patrick Lawson: Star Crossed Stallion’s Big Chance – an Arabian stallion finally finds his metier in dressage
Morgan Llywelyn: Star Dancer – Suzanne O’Gorman dreams of the Olympics
Carol Vaughan: Dancing Horse – dressage and circuses