Diana Pullein-Thompson: Ponies in Peril

What would you do to save ponies from being sold for meat?

Six unbroken Welsh ponies are standing in a field: but they will not be there for long unless Sandy and Fergie can come up with the money to save them, fast. For the ponies are destined to be sold for slaughter. Sandy and Fergie need to find that money in just two weeks. Finding the money is not their only problem: with three ponies of their own already, they need to break the new ponies in and find them good homes. And they’ve never done it before …

Originally published: 1979 (an Armada original)

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Publishing history
Armada, 1979, 126 pp
Severn House, 1980
Jane Badger Books, 2021

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Author: Diana Pullein-Thompson