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Daphne Machin Goodall: Non fiction

A collection of short stories.

Know your Pony
Rupert Hart Davis, 1955

Huntsmen of a Golden Age: Stephen Goodall 1757–1823, William Goodall 1817–1859
H F & G Witherby, London, 1956

Horses of the World
Country Life, London, 1965

Foals of Epona
Galley Press Ltd, London, 1968
as: A History of British Native Ponies
J A Allen, 1988

The Seventh Continent
Royston Press, 1969
(The account of one woman’s Antarctic journey)

The Flight of the East Prussian Horses
David and Charles, 1973
Arco, NY, 1976

Horses and Their World
David and Charles, 1976

A History of Horse Breeding
Hale, 1977

Wayland, 1978

How to Ride
F Warne, 1980

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Daphne Machin Goodall