D Glyn-Forest: Short stories

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During wartime, and until rationing ended, magazines no longer appeared as monthly issues. Riding Magazine used various methods of dating magazines; hence “Spring” and “March-April”, covering different periods depending on the paper supply at the time.

The Red Ribbon
Riding Magazine, March 1937

More About Merrylegs in Wartime
Riding Magazine, Spring 1942, illus Cavesson

Odd Couple
Riding Magazine, July-August 1947, illus Cavesson

Susan to the Rescue
Riding Magazine, March-April 1948, illus Cavesson

Merrylegs and the Moose
Riding Magazine, May/June, 1949, illus Cavesson

Bunty and Angus
Pony Magazine, serial (August 1952 – January 1953?), illus Cavesson

Strange Welcome
Riding Magazine, December 1951

Seeing is Believing
Percy’s Pony Annual, 1953, illus Cavesson

Top Speed
Riding Magazine, May 1953, illus Cavesson









































D Glyn-Forest