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Creative writing and painting

A listing of horse and pony books that cover writing and painting.


The process of writing a pony book crops up very occasionally in pony books; generally as a means of earning money – publishers in past decades being easier to persuade of the merit of publishing a pony book. Girls who draw horses crop up a little more often, but generally it is riding rather than creation that inspires books.

Paul Buddee: Ann Rankin and The Boy Who Painted Horses
Joanna Cannan: I Wrote a Pony Book – our heroine, who otherwise seems to have few talents, writes a pony book
Joanna Cannan: Gaze at the Moon – Dinah earns money through her drawing, and illustrates a pony book
Gillian Hirst/Marion Coakes: Sue Elaine Draws a Horse – Sue Elaine draws, and has a bond with a difficult horse
Patricia Leitch: the Jinny series – our heroine is a talented artist