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Circuses/Trick Riding

A listing of horse and pony books that cover circuses or some form of trick riding.


Circuses, at least those with performing animals, are not as widely accepted as they once were, with some British councils refusing to allow circus acts involving animals to take place. Before the 1970s, circuses were widely accepted, and regularly advertised their forthcoming shows in the equine press. The circus proved attractive to some equine authors, either as a source of mistreatment, from which a horse needed rescuing, or as an opportunity for performance.

Kitty Barne: Rosina and Son – Rosina spends some of her life pre-rescue as a performing horse
Dora Broome: Circus Pony
Paul Brown: Crazy Quilt, Circus Pony – two circus ponies have a holiday
Alyssa Brugman: Hide and Seek – Shelby’s pony looks as if he’s a perfect trick-riding pony
M E Buckingham: The Great Carlos – Carlos achieves his ambition of riding in a circus
Anne Bullen and Rosemary Oldfield: Darkie the Life Story of a Pony – pony biography based on Bullen and Oldfield’s circus
J M Berrisford: Sue’s Circus Horse, Ponies All Summer, Sue’s TV Pony – Sue’s Ballita is a trained circus pony
Monica Dickens: Cobbler’s Dream – Callie rescues a horse from a circus
Anne Digby: The Quicksilver Horse – Emma and Silver are stars of a travelling circus
Walter Farley: The Little Black Pony Goes to the Circus – Little Black is taught circus tricks
Kathleen Fidler: Haki the Shetland Pony – Adam’s Shetland pony is sold to a circus
D Glyn Forest: Elmwood Hall – Terence and Bridget put on a circus to raise funds
Patsey Gray: Diving Horse – a girl trains her horse for a diving horse show
Patsey Gray: Heads Up! – Peggy befriends a trick riding family
Berta and Elmer Hader: Cricket, the Story of a Little Circus Pony
Catherine Harris: They Rescued a Pony – a mistreated skewbald is rescued from a circus by the dashing Marsham family
Clarence Hawkes: Dapples of the Circus: the Story of a Shetland Pony and a Boy – Dapples is a circus star
Denise Hill: A Pony for Two – the pony Falla has a remarkable history
Cecilia Knowles: Hua Ma the Flower Pony – Hua Ma works in American and British circuses
Mary Elwyn Patchett: Circus Brumby
Katharine Susanna Prichard: Moggie and her Circus Pony
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: A Job with Horses – a girl’s first job working with horses involves jousting, amongst other things
Josephine Pullein-Thompson: The Trick Jumpers – children work up a trick riding exhibition for a show
Allen Seaby: Sheltie, the Story of a Shetland Pony – Sheltie’s life includes time as a circus pony
Brenda Spender: O’ny Tony’s Circus – Tony performs in a travelling circus
Noel Steatfeild: The Circus is Coming
Carol Vaughan: Dancing Horse – Fleurette is injured and can’t ride her Arabian in the circus, but an unsuspected substitute is found