Christine Pullein-Thompson: The Horse Sale

The Horse Sale is one of those books Christine Pullein-Thompson did so well, where the stories of different people and ponies interweave. They all revolve around the local horse sale, which provides opportunites for people like Edwin, desperate to find a horse to alleviate his loneliness. But this same sale could change some people’s lives for the worse. Olga only loans her beloved horse, Crusoe, and his horse dealer owner wants to retire and sell up everything, including Crusoe. Maurice has ignored his pony, Titbits, ever since the family bought her, and now his father has decided to sell her. Can Maurice change his father’s mind? Can Olga find a way to buy Crusoe? By the end of the sale, everyone’s lives have changed. How all these stories work out makes for a particularly satisfying read: one of Christine Pullein-Thompson’s best.

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Wonderful book for all ages. Could not put it down. Thank you Jane for bringing these great books to life. (Amazon customer)

… an understated and very likeable tale (Amazon review)

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Printing history
Collins, London, 1960, illus Sheila Rose
Armada, 1971, cover uncredited, illus Sheila Rose (NB: date of publication not given in original; earliest copy has dual decimal/£sd pricing so around 1971 is likely)
Armada, 1979, photographic cover, illus Sheila Rose
Jane Badger Books, 2022

Earlier editions

Author: Christine Pullein-Thompson