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Christine Pullein-Thompson: Short story collections (ed)

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A Pony Scrapbook
Pan 1972

A Second Pony Scrapbook
Pan 1973

Christine Pullein-Thompson’s Book of Pony Stories
Pan, London, 1975

Pony Parade
Granada, 1978, pb
A collection of bits and pieces; fiction and non fiction.

Saddle Up
Kingfisher 1994, reprinted 2007

Riding Stories
Kingfisher 1995, illus Victor Ambrus

Thundering Hooves
Kingfisher 1996, illus Victor Ambrus
Republished as More Horse & Pony Stories, Kingfisher 1998

Bedtime Pony Stories
Cavalier 1997, illus Mark Smallman

More Bedtime Pony Stories
Cavalier 1997

Magical Pony Tales
Cavalier 1998

Incredible Pony Tales
Cavalier 1998