Christine Pullein-Thompson: Short stories

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Cocktail Capitulates
Riding Magazine, January, 1941, written with Diana and Christine
A ruined pony is rehabilitated.

The Road to Ruin
Riding Magazine, Summer, 1942, written with Diana and Christine
A pony goes to the bad.

She Won’t Jump
Riding Magazine, September, 1951, illus Rex E Swallow

Nothing Venture
Pony Magazine, July 1952, illus Maurice Tulloch

The Chill Valley Point-to-Point
Pony, Nov 1953 – Mar 1954, illus Joan Wanklyn
Another adventure for the Chill Valley Hunt, who feature in three full length books.

Star Pupil
Our Own Schoolgirl’s Annual, World Distributors, 1955
Sheila feels she’s hopeless – with the Pony Club dance make a difference?

An Unexpected Hunt
Daily Mail Annual for Girls, London, 1955
Cherry follows the hunt on foot, and unexpected things happen.

The Vicious Circle
Pony Club Book No. 10, Naldrett Press Ltd/The World’s Work (1913) Ltd, 1959, illus Helen Collins
Sunstar can jump at home, but it’s a totally different matter when he’s away.

A New Beginning
Collins Girls’ Annual, 1958
When Janet’s father is sent to prison, she feels isolated, but when she starts to train problem ponies, life improves.

A Job in Life
The Crackerjack Book for Girls, Children’s Press, undated, possibly 1950s, illus Sheila Rose.
Judy leaves school and starts working with horses.

Chance to Jump
Pony  Magazine, October 1969, illus Ninetta Butterworth

Pony Patrol Ends a Racket
Pony Parade, Granada, 1978

Letters to an Elder Sister
Pony Parade, Granada, 1978

A Little Grey Foal
Pony Tales, Pony Magazine, 1988, ed Julia Goodwin
Pullein-Thompson Treasury, 1995

The Ghost in the Top Meadow
Horse and Pony Stories – chosen by Christine Pullein-Thompson,
Kingfisher 1992, various later reprints, illus Victor Ambrus

The Pullein-Thompson Treasury of Horse and Pony Stories
Award, 1995, illus Eric Rowe. Reprinted 2015.
Hoofprints in the Sand
A Little Grey Foal
Isobel’s Pony
Green with Envy
Just a Bit Different
Skeleton Rider
Downright Cruelty
The Old Dun Pony
Burnt Rosettes
Firkin’s Ghost
Too Much Trouble
A Ghost in the Family
What a Turnabout!
Only Five Days Left
Status Symbol
The Night Coach Comes In
The Bargain
A Real Live Ghost
Miserable Wreck
Too Scared to Ride

The Vanishing Pony
Ride Like the Wind, Orion, 1997, ed Wendy Cooling
A pony kept on his own is lonely, and goes missing.