Caroline Akrill: Inside Pegasus

The long lost fourth part of the Showing series … until now, you could only read it if you could find the right vintage Pony magazines.

If you’ve read Ticket to Ride, much of this story will seem very familiar as Caroline, a great recycler, used a lot of Inside Pegasus in that story. We thought Inside Pegasus was different enough to stand on its own, and obviously, the ending is somewhat different!

Now available as a full story, with illustrations (in the paperback edition). Also included are an introduction by Caroline Akrill and an article by her on her first book, Karen Bush on life as a working pupil, Jane Badger with an article on Porlock Vale, and a publishing history.

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That’s what Caroline’s family thought. Surely they, and their equestrian centre, were enough for her. Surely her cousin Simon must be the man she had dreamed of.

At the end of the previous book, Afraid to Ride, Caroline had made a big decision. She was going to cut herself loose from her cousins and strike out on her own. She’d already tried when she went to study stud management, but that hadn’t lasted long. In pretty swift order she’d ended up back with her cousins, helping out with their new scheme to start an equestrian centre.

It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t what she dreamed of.

And so in Inside Pegasus Caroline strikes out. She will train to be a riding instructor. It is much, much tougher than she thought it would be. The siren call of her cousins is still there – will Caroline resist?

This book originally appeared in serial form in Pony Magazine, and Caroline Akrill reused major elements of it in Ticket to Ride, part of the Eventers series. We felt that there was enough that was different to merit it appearing again, and it does round off the Showing series rather nicely. Also included are articles by Caroline Akrill on her first novel, by Karen Bush on life as a working pupil, and by Jane Badger on a real-life training establishment: Porlock Vale.

The book was written in the 1980s, so readers today should note that attitudes towards riding were often rather different to today!

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