Carol Vaughan: Short stories

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Carol Vaughan was a prolific writer of short stories. The lengthy list below is just the ones I’ve tracked down so far. I’m sure there must be more.

Felicity Lost the Cup
Pony, October 1951, illus Patricia Brown

Haphazard Harry
Riding, June 1952

A Pony like Cloud?
Pony, June 1958, illus S W. West

Fortune’s Gold
Pony August 1959- January 1960, seven-part serial illus Joan Wanklyn

Jumping Jones
Pony, December 1962, illus Janet & Anne Grahame Johnston

Mountain Adventure
Pony Magazine Annual, 1962, , illus Joan Wanklyn

The Black Colt
Pony Magazine Annual, 1963, illus J & A Graham Johnstone

Dude’s Downfall
Pony Magazine Annual, 1965, illus Joan Wanklyn

Gypsy’s Gold
Pony, October 1965, illus Joan Wanklyn

Toffee’s Trek
Pony June-July 1965, two part serial illus Joan Wanklyn

Kidnapped Kelpie
Pony, July – August 1966, two-part serial illus John Tickner

Bucking Bronco
Pony Magazine Annual, 1966, illus Joan Wanklyn

Indian Ink
Pony January – February 1967, two-part serial illus Joan Wanklyn

Zig Zag
Pony Magazine Annual, 1967, illus David Rook

A Pony Like Paladin
Pony Club Annual, 1967, illus Sheila Rose

The Runaway Reindeer
Pony, December 1967, illus Joan Wanklyn

Kelpie’s Kickshaw
Pony, April 1968, illus John Tickner

Xanadu’s Xylophone
Pony, August 1968, illus Joan Wanklyn

Fledgling Foal
Pony, December 1968, illus Janet Johnstone

A Rider for Rocket
Pony Club Annual, 1968, illus David Rook

Pony Express Boy
Pony Magazine Annual, 1968, illus Joan Wanklyn

Spanish Gold
Pony Magazine Annual, 1969, illus Joan Wanklyn

King Kelpie
Pony, August 1969, illus John Tickner

Mustang Mare
Pony, April 1970, illus Christine Bousfield

Rebel Raider
Pony Club Annual, 1970, illus Joan Wanklyn

Oregon Outlaw
Pony Magazine Annual, 1971, illus Ninetta Butterworth

King Cole
Pony Magazine Annual, 1972, illus Christine Bousfield

Flight of Fancy
Pony Club Annual, 1972, illus Elizabeth E Bailey

Elegant Eddy
Pony Magazine Annual, 1973, illus Christine Bousfield

Understanding Ulysse
Pony Club Annual, 1974, illus Christine Bousfield

Double Trouble
Pony Club Annual, 1975, illus Sally Webb

Lucky Star
Pony Club Annual 1976, illus Lesley Bruce

Foreigners are Different
Pony Club Annual 1977, illus Janet Johnstone

Ambling Anna
Pony Club Annual 1978, illus Sally Bell

Crystal Clear
Pony Club Annual, 1980, illus Sally Bell

Trials and Tribulations
Pony Club Annual 1981, illus Ellen Gilbert

Rockabye Renegade
Pony Club Annual 1982, illus Sally Bell

Highwayman’s Copse
Pony Club Annual, 1983, illus Elaine Roberts

The Runaway
Pony Tales, 1988, illus Claire Colvin









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