Printing history
John Lane, London, 1936, illus Anne Bullen
Scribners, New York, 1937. illus Anne Bullen. Probably identical to UK edn, except the dj background, which is red rather than green
Knight, Leicester, 1970, pb illus Sandra Archibald. Text slightly altered.
Knight, Leicester, 1973, different uncredited cover
Brockhampton, Leicester, 1970, hb, illus Sandra Archibald

Jean and her family have just moved out to the country. The pony getting is actually quite effortless and happens in the second chapter, when her cousins give Jean a pony they call The Toastrack. She renames him Cavalier, and the rest of the book is about Jean learning to ride Cavalier and even learning to jump.

The Jean series
A Pony for Jean
Another Pony for Jean
More Ponies for Jean

Other editions

Joanna Cannan