A Pony for Sale

A Pony for Sale tells the story of Martini from the point of view of the people she meets in her life.

Publishing history
Collins, London, 1951, illus Sheila Rose
Collins, London, 1962
Collins Pony Library 1973
Armada pb 1970s and 1980s
eBook, Epona Publishing, 2019

A Pony for Sale is a variant on the traditional equine biography where a pony starts off life well and then things go downhill once the pony’s sold. Rather than tell the story from the pony’s poing of view, this book is told in succession by all the people who own Martini, from the boy who broke and schooled her to her final owner. The book was obviously informed by Diana Pullein-Thompson’s own experiences re-schooling ponies with her sisters.

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Diana Pullein-Thompson