A Devil to Ride

The second Jinny story, in which Jinny tries, and fails, to ride Shantih.

The second of the Jinny series: Jinny now has Shantih, but riding Shantih is a nightmare, not a dream. Whatever Jinny tries, it does not work.  Almost worse is the fact that Ken can ride her.

Publishing history
Armada Original, 1976, 127 pp.
Armada White Horseshoe edition, 1984
Armada Gold Horseshoe edition, 1992, 1993
Severn House, 1980, hardback with dustjacket
Compilation: (with For Love of a Horse & Summer Riders) Armada, 1992
Catnip, London, 2010, 176 pp.

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Year published

London, 1976


Leitch, Patricia