A listing of horse books that cover 4H.


4-H doesn’t really have an equivalent in the UK. Here’s a description of what it does in Canada:

‘It … spends more time developing leadership skills than does Pony Club. I would think of it as a cross between Young Farmers and Girl Guides/Boy Scouts. A 16-year-old gal from our stable is currently president of the local 4H horse club … and she has had to learn skills to preside over meetings and organize events as well as the horsemanship skills. In the same line, every 4H member has to learn public speaking skills, presentation/ showmanship skills, basic judging skills for their animals, and how to document everything that happens to their animal. Locally, as well as the Horse Club, there is a Beef Club, a Dairy Club, a Sheep Club, a Rabbit and Guinea Pig Club, and even a club focusing on small engines and maintenance of the machinery used on farms and rural property – that’s to keep the boys interested as they get older.’ Barbara, Canada


Elisa Bialk: Jill’s Victory – Jill joins 4-H with her gelding Victory
Hetty Burlinghame-Beatty: Trumper – Mark tries to train his horse so he can enter the 4-H farm horse competition
Anne Colver: Lucky 4 – Jill asks a friend to help her with her 4-H project, her pregnant mare
Lavinia R Davis: Sandy’s Spurs – Sandy and friends prepare for a 4-H fair
Patsey Gray: 4-H Filly – Sandy thinks she might have to sell her fillyPriscilla D Willis: Jory and the Buckskin Jumper – Jory wants to turn his pony into an Olympic quality jumper