The Horse from Black Loch

It was a being from a lost age, proud, powerful and alien …

Kay and her cousins are on their way to Deersmalen House in the Highlands of Scotland. It's the first time they've been to their ancestral home. Life there is like nothing they've ever known: Highland ponies, treks across the moors, and then they see The Horse. How could anyone want to trap something so wonderful?

Originally published: 1963 (as The Black Loch)

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I suppose this not a 'pony book' in the traditional sense. The black horse is mysterious, and mythical, and is certainly not going to win the show-jumping at the local show. Whilst the children are fond of the ponies, there is no deep bond between a girl and a special pony, which is central to many pony books.

I'd recommend this to anyone who likes the work of Patricia Leitch, wants a horse story with a difference, or is fond fo good old stories of children in an old house, solving a mystery. (Lucinda)