Match Pair

Mrs Allibone was just like a horse: one of the nastier kinds of horse …

Jane and Adam are twins. They are on their way to stay with their Uncle William, whom they have never met. Their father has married again, and their step-mother and the twins do not see eye-to-eye. Uncle William lives in a house of chaos, though his beloved bull lives a life of luxury, and his twin horses don't do so badly. Mrs Allibone is involved with the Pony Club, which will be just the ticket, she thinks, for Jane and Adam. But Adam is terrified of horses, and Jane has her own opinions about the Pony Club, and the Pony Club, it turns out, has its own opinions about Jane. How Jane navigates Pony Club life makes for a book quite unlike any other pony book.

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…I had never even heard of Patience Mc Elwee until I saw Jane Badger was republishing her pony stories. I am so glad she has as this one reminds me some of my favourite writers of the genre. It has some classic themes but also pokes a bit of fun at some of the clichés. There is a lot of humour which reminded me of Josephine Pullein-Thompson and Ruby Ferguson and a narrative that goes wider than the scope of simpler pony books that recalls Mary Treadgold. (AMR)

This book is quite compelling particularly in the way that it deviates from the norm of vintage pony books which are often quite watered down when it comes to adult relationships and social issues. (Clemmie)