Dark Horse

“The three Hardcastle children agreed obediently with all the people who told them, practically every day of their lives, what a lovely home it was that they were being given, and when they saw the pony they knew they ought to be feeling enthusiastic about that too."

The Hardcastles’ grandmother has a mission in life: all her grandchildren must beat the children of her best friend, Lady Pinkney, in every area of their lives. Charlotte must marry better than Primrose; Priscilla be more cute than Jonquil. Susannah’s task is to beat Celandine Pinkney in the show ring, and she has been given a show pony with which to do it. The Hardcastles prefer life next door at the O’Briens’, where you get proper ham sandwiches to eat, no one cares if you make a mess, and horses are valued for what they are. But then the O’Briens buy a show pony of their own, and they need it to win too.

Originally published: 1958

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Before Jane Badger made this available to readers this was a hidden gem. It’s quite a rare book which was expensive to buy and many readers probably hadn’t even heard of the author. Now we can all experience the joy of reading a rattling good pony book which is dripping with humour. Don’t miss out on reading this absolute treasure.  (A reader)