Zumwalt, Eva

About the author

Eva Zumwalt wrote several romances, some of them possibly on the Gothic side. She was born in Eunice, New Mexico, and lived in Artesia.

Finding the book
Very easy to find. It was not published in the UK.

Links and sources
A full and excellent review of the book on the Pony Book Chronicles blog.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Sun Dust

D McKay Co, New York, 1976, 184 pp, illus Zenowij Onyshkewych

Republished as Sun Dust Devil Horse
Xerox Education Publications, 1976

16-year-old Laurie has permanently damaged her leg in an accident, and wants to hide away from the world. Her parents move to the New Mexico ranch where her parents grew up, and 17-year-old Dave is there to help her ride her grandfather’s quarter horses.