Youmans, Eleanor Williams

About the author

Eleanor Williams Youmans (1876–1968) was born in Missouri, and with her sister, was brought up by her grandfather after her mother died of typhus. Eleanor married, and had a son, William, who once said to her that she talked about writing but didn’t actually do it. This inspired her to write, and over a writing career that spanned three decades, she wrote numerous children’s books, generally featuring animals. Cats and dogs were more popular subjects, but she wrote one horse book, Teddy Horse, the Story of a Runaway Pony (1930). The book exists in both American and English editions, the English edition having been adapted for the English market.

Finding the book
The American first edition is hard to find; the UK edition less so.

Links and sources
A blog devoted to preserving Eleanor Youmans’ memory
Thanks to Lisa Catz for the photograph.

Bibliography (horse books only)

Teddy Horse: the Story of a Runaway Pony

Bobbs-Merrill Co, Indianapolis, 1930, 136 pp, illus Ruth King
Elkin Mathews & Marrot, London, 1931

Teddy is sold after he is weaned. When he falls from the truck no one notices, and Teddy finds himself alone in a strange place, a thousand miles from home.  At first he is thrilled, but then he is lonely. He finds a herd of wild horses, who eventually accept him. Then there is a round up, and poor Teddy finds himself on a train, headed east, to a man who has bought the mares as polo
pony prospects. When they get there, the colts are separated from the mares. Teddy explores, and finds a way out of the pasture, with some surprising results.