Williams, Jeanne (J R)

Jeanne Williams (b.1930) is a pseudonym used by Dorothy Jean Kreie/Williams. She has written over 20 books, specialising in historical stories. At least three of her books have a substantial horse element (there may be more; please let me know), all of which involve teenagers meeting crossroads in life.

Finding the books
Horse Talker and Promise of Tomorrow are available as print-on-demand. All the titles are reasonably easy to find in book form.

Links and sources
Jeanne Williams’ papers are at the University of Texas
Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography (horse books only)

Tame the Wild Stallion

Prentice Hall, NJ, 1957, 181 pp
World’s Work, Kingswood, 1958, 217 pp (left)
Texas Christian University Press, 1985, 181 pp

They’ve been gathering mustangs for a year, but then the whole lot are stolen, and they were to be the ticket to Joe and his father’s new life in California. Joe tracks the stolen horses, and the thieves, deep into New Mexico.

Promise of Tomorrow

Messner, New York, 1959, 192 pp

Sammy is in love, but her first love tells her to date other people so she’s sure of her feelings (nice – I wonder if he got to do the same?) Despite her grief, Sammy starts at an English school, and begins to tame a wild horse. Go for the horses girl. They sound a better bet than your first love.

The Horse Talker

Prentice Hall, NJ, 1950, 177 pp.

Kirkus review

Lan was adopted by a Commanche family, and that’s what he thinks he is: a Commanche. However, he is arrested by a group of white men, and he finds out about his complicated heritage – he is a white boy. He is forced to go with the men, and rides the plains in search of a beautiful and untameable horse.