Towne, Mary

About the author

Mary Towne was a pseudonym used by Mary L Spelman (d 2010). She also wrote adult novels under the name Mary Lockwood. Out of her children’s stories, one, as far as I know, is a horse story: Boxed In (1982), which takes a problem that is becoming all the more common, the lack of anywhere to ride.

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find.

Links and sources
Mary Towne – obituary (link no longer extant)
Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography – Terri Wear

Bibliography (horse books only)

Boxed In

T.Y. Crowell, New York, 1982, 150 pp

Everywhere Kate loves to ride is being built on, and her best friend wants to buy Kate’s horse. Kate feels herself in a terrible dilemma.