Stevens, Mallory

About the author

Mallory Stevens is an American author who’s written at least one horse book. Though better known under the title My Favourite Colt, under which it appeared in the Rosettes series, it was originally published by Stabenfeldt as My Favourite Colt. She’s also written Can’t Buy Me Love, a teenage romance.

Finding the book
Easy to find in all its incarnations.

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The Rosettes series on this website

Bibliography (horse books only)

The Christmas Colt

Stabenfeldt, Pony, New York, 1992

Republished as My Favourite Colt, Rosettes 1
Hodder (Knight), London, 1994

(Possibly published before by HarperCollins, New York, 1992)

13-year-old Chrissie can’t wait to take part in her family’s tradition: raising a foal of her own in preparation for the annual yearling auction. However, she’s not given the colt she expects to raise, but gangly and awkward Klutz. She can’t wait for the auction so she can sell him, but over the year, her feelings change and then she is faced with a dilemma when her parents want to sell the colt she
has come to love.