St Pierre, Paul

About the author

Paul St. Pierre (b.1923) was a columnist for the Vancouver Sun, but his columns dealt mostly with rural issues, and his passionate love for British Columbia and its remote ranches. He was an MP for Coast-Chilcotin, where his Boss of the Namko Drive was set. He wrote a television script, How to Break a Quarter Horse, which won the Canadian Film Award for the best entertainment film of 1965, and which was turned into book form the following year as Breaking Smith’s Quarter Horse. Boss of the Namko Drive is, as far as I am aware, his only other work of fiction.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Boss of the Namko Drive

Ryerson Press, Toronto,1965
Penguin, London, 1970, 124 pp.
Douglas & Macintyre, 1992

Delore Bernard, 15, lives on a ranch in the Chilcotin wilderness. The day before they are due to start the annual 200 mile cattle drive, his father breaks his leg, and Delore will have to be boss of the drive. He and his trusty mare Stella have a lot to cope with on their way.

Breaking Smith’s Quarter Horse

Ryerson Press, Toronto, 1966, 164 pp
McGraw Hill, 1966
Douglas & Macintyre, 1993

Smith has a Quarter Horse. He has great faith in the horse, but the process of breaking it in does sometimes make it look as if that faith is ill founded.