Sneve, Virginia Driving Hawk

About the author

Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve (b.1933) was born on the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota, and educated at the South Dakota State University. She has worked as a teacher, and was inspired to write by her grandmother, Flora Clairmont Driving Hawk, and her tales of traditional legends. Sneve published her first book, Jimmy Yellow Hawk, in 1972. When her own children were small, she realised the only books available on Indians presented stereotypical pictures and nothing else, and so she wrote her own stories. Since then, she has explored her own cultural history, as well as continuing to write on American Indians.

Finding the book
Easy to find, and is still in print.

Links and sources
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Bibliography (horse books only)

High Elk’s Treasure

Holiday House, New York, 1972, 96 pp, illus Oren Lyons
Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club, 1972, 96 p.
Holiday House 1995

Joe finds a package buried in a cave that was once used by his great-grandfather, High Elk.
He and Marie are keen to find out what it contains, and this story is interwoven with that of the mare Sungwiye, waiting to foal, and the search for the children’s lost filly, Star.