Sherman, Josepha

About the author

Josepha Sherman (1946–2012) was a prolific author. She wrote her own science fiction series, as well as contributing to tie-in stories on sci fi series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena and Star Trek. Her work included non fiction, much of it on folklore, but also on technology. Her anthologies included Magic Hoofbeats, a collection of short horse stories from different cultures round the world. It makes a change to have an anthology which is neither American nor UK based. This one does include a couple of stories from the North American Pawnee tribe, but otherwise includes material from Russia, India and Iraq, amongst many others.

Sherman has also written some equine non fiction: Barrel Racing, a look at the sport.

Finding the book
Still in print, and very easy to find secondhand.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Magic Hoofbeats – Fabulous Horse Tales

Barefoot Books, Bath/Cambridge, MA, 2004, illus Linda Wingerter
Republished 2007


Pintos and the Pawnee People, Lone Boy and the Old Dun Horse, The Majestic Marwari,
Terror, The Pottock Pony, The White Mare, Horses of the Steppes, The little Humpbacked
Horse, The Little Iron Horse, Petit Jean and the White Horse, Horses of the Mountains and Plains, The Boy who Rode to the Land of the Dead, The Caspian Horse, The Colt Qeytas, Horses of the Puszta, and The Taltos horse.