Sanderson, Whitney

About the author

Whitney Sanderson has ridden since she was a child, and she was one of those fortunate children whose bookshelves were stuffed with the literary horse. Horses are still a major part of her life; she volunteers at a horse rescue and therapeutic riding centre, and has a horse of her own, an Appaloosa named Thor. Thor posed for Whitney Sanderson’s mother, Ruth Sanderson, as the model for Golden Sun. Ruth Sanderson illustrated many of the Horse Diaries series.

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Golden Sun

Random House, New York, 2010, 140 pp, illus Ruth Sanderson

Golden Sun is an Appaloosa horse, who is ridden by a Nez Perce boy, Little Turtle. Little
Turtle raises and trains the horse, and takes him on a vision quest in the hope of saving his friend Pale Moon from serious illness.


Random House, New York, 2013, 142 pp, illus Ruth Sanderson

A Connemara pony called Darcy is born in Ireland in 1917. He’s sold to a farming family, and is then trained to pull a cart and plough.