Ryden, Hope

About the author

Hope Ryden is a naturalist, photographer and writer, with a particular interest in America’s wildlife. This includes its wild horses, and she has written (and illustrated): Wild Colt – the Life of a Young Mustang (1972), Mustangs – a Return to the Wild (1972), America’s Last Wild Horses (1978) and Wild Horses I Have Known (1999). She has one work of horse-related fiction to her name: Wild Horse Summer (1997).

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Easy to find in both printings.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Wild Horse Summer

Clarion Books, New York, 1997, 154 pp, illus Paul Casale
Yearling, 1999

13-year-old Alison spends the summer on a ranch in Wyoming where she learns to ride a horse and where Kelly, who is blind, helps her overcome an old fear.