Rowland, Florence Wightman

About the author

Florence Wightman Rowland is one of those authors about whom biographical information is very scarce. She wrote several children’s books, including some animal stories. One is the horse story The Austrian Colt.

Finding the book
Not hugely easy to find, but not expensive when it does turn up.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

The Austrian Colt

Macrae-Smith Co, Philadelphia, 1950, 41 pp, illus Edgard Cirlin

Stefan lives on a barren farm in Austria with his parents, his little sister, Lisa, and their horse. It isnear impossible to work the farm without a horse. They had a fine, big horse named Jakof, but the town had been ordered to let their horses loose, to avoid being captured by the enemy, and the horses had run off into the hills. Stefan sets out in search of Jakof, but instead finds an injured and ill mare. He stays with the mare for many days nursing her, and in the end brings her home to the farm, along with her newborn colt, which he names Little Jakof.