Ross, Alfred Eric

About the author

Alfred Eric Ross (b.1898) is another of those authors who’s tricky to track down. He doesn’t appear to have been a prolific writer; the only other thing I’ve been able to track down is Graded Games for Rural Schools, published in 1926. It’s an intriguing title, and I wonder if the games were completely unplayable in an urban environment, and if so, why. He also wrote one horse book, Tony the Magnificent, which is one of those books where a horse tells its story.

Finding the book
Not hugely easy to find, and is not necessarily cheap.

Links and sources
Terri Wear: Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography


Tony the Magnificent

Christopher Pub House, Boston, 1948, 133 pp.

This is a story told by a horse: in this case it’s the horse Tony, who tells us about his friendship with another horse, Pat, and Claude, a boy, and why they were separated for so long.