Robertson, Frank C

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Frank C Robertson Won the Silver Spur award of the Western Writers of America for the best juvenile Western of the year for The Sagebrush Sorrel.

Finding the book
Reasonably easy to find. The book had two publications in the UK; the Collins Seagull edition is easy to find.

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Bibliography (horse books only)

The Sagebrush Sorrell

Thomas Nelson & Sons, New York, 1953, decorations by Lee Townsend
Collins, London, 1956, Laurel & Gold edition
Collins Seagull, London, 1967

The colt was the offspring of a stolen thoroughbred mare turned loose by the thieves. Her colt grew up to love freedom, and Ollie Bently declared when he first saw him “I don’t reckon that colt belongs to anybody.. .but some day he’s going to belong to me.” The colt and the boy fight it out, with manys et backs; they are a well-matched pair.