Riggs, Ida Berry

About the author

Ida Berry Riggs is an author about whom remarkably little information is available. She wrote just one book, as far as I know, though she may of course have written under other names. Her one book is a ranch story, though one to which time has not been kind. Breaking a two-year-old certainly wouldn’t read well to many modern riders now.

Finding the book:
Reasonably easy to find. The book wasn’t published in the UK.

Links and sources
Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987

Bibliography (horse books only)

Little Champion

Macmillan Company, New York, 1944, 144 pp, illus Decie Merwin

Barby has a palomino horse, but he’s hopeless with cows. Barby trades him in for a bay two-year-old who looks as if he’ll make a decent cutting horse, and then she trains him to be precisely that.