Reynolds, Butch

About the author

Butch Reynolds ran away at the age of fourteen to join the circus. He was a circus clown, and Broken Hearted Clown (1954) is the story of his time in the circus. He wrote two children’s stories of circus life: Green Canvas and Sawdust (1950) and Gem, the Life of a Wild Pony (1954).

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Bibliography (horse books only)

Gem – The Life of a Wild Pony

Frederick Warne, London, 1952, 252 pp, illus DC Eyles

Gem is the story of a wild pony from Idaho. He’s stolen, along with others from his herd, by horse thieves, and is sold to a cowboy. He then stars in a rodeo, and moves to England, where Ruthy (?) , the daughter of the circus owner who buys Gem, trains him until he becomes one of the circus’s greatest attractions.