Reekie, Jocelyn

About the author

Jocelyn Reekie is a Canadian author who, as well as writing, acts, and is a comedian and storyteller. One of her books is a horse story, in which Paulie’s family can’t afford to buy her a horse.

Finding the book
Looks as if it’s still in print.

Links and sources
Jocelyn Reekie on Scholastic


The Week of the Horse

Raincoast Books, Vancouver, 2004, 141 pp.

The blurb:

Twelve-year-old Paulie is the middle child in a large, busy family. More than anything,
Paulie loves horses, but her family can’t afford to buy her one. Instead, Paulie volunteers at a local stable, where she gets to ride her favourite horse, Duke. But one day she finds the stable closed down and all the horses sent away. Duke is to be sold at auction to a butcher. Now Paulie has a week to save Duke. With the help of her wise and sympathetic Nana she almost succeeds, but then her “secret” is discovered. Will Duke go to the butcher after all?