Paradis, Marjorie Bartholomew

About the author

Marjorie Bartholomew Paradis wrote several children’s books, amongst which is Dear Stepmother, which she wrote in 1956 with another author on this website, Adele de Leeuw. Paradis also wrote at least one horse book, Mr de Luca’s Horse.

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Horse Stories: An Annotated Bibliography – Terri Wear
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Bibliography (horse books only)

Mr De Luca‘s Horse

E M Hale & Company, New York, 1962, 167 pp, illus Judith Brown.

Brett’s future looks good. He is going to visit a friend over the weekend, where he will be given riding lessons. Then in the summer, his family is moving to the country, and Brett will have his own horse, possibly the frisky palomino which has been the horse of his dreams. Brett collects old newspapers and works at Coney Island to earn money for his horse. He is friends with Mr De Luca, the junkman, and his old horse Jerry. Brett finds that his well laid plans are to be disturbed when Mr De Luca announces he is getting rid of Jerry.