O’Hearn, Kate

About the author

Kate O’Hearn is a Canadian author, who was brought up in America. As a child, she and her family made long trips across America, which fuelled her imagination. She describes a particularly memorable event on her website: after a hurricane hit Galveston, Texas, the carnival opposite their hotel has been abandoned, so she and her brothers sneaked out, and had the whole place to themselves, covered with sand, seaweed, and shells from the hurricane. Her books are fantasies on dragons and flying horses.

Kate now lives in England, but her Pegasus books are based in New  York. They are an exciting mix of  the contemporary and mythology. The series starts with teenage Emily finding that a winged horse has crash landed on top of her apartment building during a storm. It is Pegasus, escaped from an Olympus under attack. The series has plenty of unexpected touches, and is a good and exciting fantasy read.

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Pegasus and the Flame
Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus
Pegasus and the New Olympians
Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus


Pegasus and the Flame

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2011, 344 pp. Cover Richard Jones
Aladdin, New York, 2012

A review of the book

No one would expect a mythical flying horse to crash land on the top of their apartment block in New York, but that’s what happens to Emily during a particularly bad storm. Pegasus hasn’t just arrived because he felt like it: he’s attempting to escape from Olympus, which is being attacked by the almost invincible Nirads.

Pegasus and the Fight for Olympus

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2011, 356 pp.
Aladdin, New York, 2012, 385 pp.

Emily has been reborn, as the Flame, and peace has been restored to Olympus: at least
temporarily. The Nirads may be down, but they’re certainly not out, and they invade again. As Emily and her friends try to counter the new invasion, Emily is still missing her father, a prisoner of the CRU, somewhere in New York.

Pegasus and the New Olympians

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2012, 384 pp.

Another Pegasus has been spotted on Earth, but what is it? Emily and Pegasus return to
earth; this time to Las Vegas, where Emily is convinced the CRU are behind the latest
danger. But what they discover is much more than they expected: something that will pit
Olympian against Human. Emily now has the fate of two worlds in her hands, and has
impossible choices to make.

Pegasus and the Origins of Olympus

Hodder Children’s Books, London, 2012

Olympus has been struck by a plague, and one by one the Olympians fade; including Pegasus, who is slowly slipping away. Emily is determined to save him, and starts an investigation that leads her to the origins of Olympus and the old battle between the Olympians and the Titans.